Sleep of freedom [engineering and construction]

The installation consists of a series cots in the number X. Type and size of the premises to determine the number of beds. The arrangement of beds follows a reduced and manageable geometry, similar to the situation of mass accommodation. We intend 40 cots in the choir of the Regensburg Minoritenkirche in serial sequence to place. Each cot (192 x 65 x 40 cm) is in itself considered a shining and sounding object – for the duration of the art fair completely independently set up because batteries resp. Batteries are used and thus costly cabling is unnecessary. Below the lying surface are each firmly mounted an LED package (15 x 4.3 x 2.5 cm / incl. 5 white LEDs) and an acoustic Minibox (5 x 5 x 5 cm / incl. SD, Speakers & MP3 player: Multiples). Placed in series / series, resulting from the installation of the same objects a Multiplikat. We think it important that the strict arrangement and delimitation of cots on the floating light and the floating sound gets an opposite note. (Similar to the numinous transition from waking to sleep state.)

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Upon entering the installation area, the visitor will hear an audible “noise” on all sides murmurs; Volume and tone in the style of bedtime stories. Only on closer approach to the one or other of the “Lying Objects” can hear exactly what is spoken there. (All boxes enter in a loop the same text again, but turned on a deferred basis by deck to deck build the installation.)

Via the “sound montage” you will find the script that forms the basis for sound recording. The individual movements are alternately spoken by a female and a male voice. The complete text consists of a montage of diverging and converging opinions and views to the bedroom. Between quotes an illustrious author Schar we

Expressions interwoven that reflect our considerations or natural and summarize cultural research results. Our text installation revolves around heterogeneous, ambivalent impressions of individual and collective perception of “sleep” and “freedom”. It is designed neither seminar-like instruction still schematizing propaganda but as an open, multi-perspective, controversial reflection and corresponding interpretations.

Sound montage